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To update device drivers on a regular basis is important if you want to have the newest updates and features of your software and hardware. To get a premium driver updater with all available features is of course the best way to get the latest driver updates automatically installed on your computer. But many people don’t want to spend an upgrade fee to get access to a premium driver database and other functions, and usually they never update their computer drivers. But having only old drivers running, can cause problems in the future.

You don’t have to buy a driver updater to update your drivers. You can download softwares and drivers from the hardware manufacturer’s website, if you know the exact device id and vendor id. But if you don’t want to update your drivers manually and still don’t want to buy a driver tool, then there are free driver tools available. So, there’s really no reason to not update your computer drivers to get a better computer performance. Below is a list of free driver updater.

Best Free Driver Updater!

Device DoctorDevice Doctor is a free driver updater for Windows. It provides the latest drivers from the most common hardware and device manufacturer’s. Device Doctor scans your computer system and cache the drivers for a more stable download and installation process. It can also find unknown device names using their over 3TB driver database. Device Doctor is totally free and you get regular updates, so this is my favorite free driver tool, because it’s free, easy to use and you can work with it offline.

Driver FusionDriver Fusion is another driver tool. It’s got a free version and a premium version which means that you have to upgrade to get more features. But the free version works fine for known manufacturer’s and if your budget doesn’t cover driver tool spending, then the free version is a good choice. Driver Fusion helps you to remove old system drivers before you install new devices and softwares which prevents conflicts and errors. It’s got many other features such as a backup tool and a historical tool.

SlimdriversSlimdrivers is also a good free driver updater. It helps you to manually scan your computer system and update your computer drivers using a cloud-based technology, to automatically update your computer drivers, you need to update to another driver tool. Slimdrivers can also help you to fix driver problems such as errors and driver incompatibilities. Slimdrivers is a really good tool but if you don’t scan your system regularly, you will not get any new driver updates and driver installations.

To gain access to a really powerful driver updater, you can try Driver Detective. No free driver tool can compete with the features that Driver Detective provides. It gives you access to a driver database containing over 27 million device drivers and scans and automatically update your system with a driver scanning engine, not available anywhere else. If you have serious driver problems or just want the best solution for your computer, then Driver Detective is something to consider.

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