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I have been doing a lot of research lately to find a good software that can clean up my old laptop. There’s really nothing wrong with the laptop, it just a bit slow and I didn’t want to upgrade the hardware to make it faster. All I wanted was to clean up junk files and leftover files from uncompleted Uninstallations and improve the startup speed. There are many registry cleaners available but I needed a more exact tool, that could not only take care of the registry but also the speed up part and more advanced problem solving tasks.

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It’s not a bad idea to go for a software with many features, and I actually have a couple already in my desktop PC that have helped me a lot. At first it seems unbelievable that a software can fix computer speed problems but it surely can and it’s a good feeling to see the difference after a cleanup process. But remember that an old computer will not run as a new computer, even after a cleanup process. But it will make your old computer perform at its top level.

Best PC Cleanup Software!

Well, I decided to test the free version of Ccleaner but compare to Windows own built-in Disk Cleanup tool, I couldn’t find any difference. So why install a program when you already got one? I also tried Wise Cleaner and it is actually a pretty good free tool that does a bit more than Windows Disk Cleanup tool, it removes unnecessary Windows files that Windows don’t removing. But I realized that no free tool is powerful enough to take care of real computer cleanup tasks, so I decided to try a tool called PC Health Advisor.

What Is PC Health Advisor?

PC Health AdvisorPC Health Advisor is actually a software full of useful tools and features. It got a Malware and Spyware detector and a registry cleaner which takes care of corrupted registry entries which could otherwise lead to a decrease in the computer speed. It also got a disk cleanup tool which removes temporary files, duplicate files, and unnecessary junk files that just use storage space and slows down the computer. PC Health Advisor got a device driver manager that can scan, find and update old drivers. It’s a complete computer improvement toolbox.

It used to take at least five minutes for my old laptop to start, but after a cleanup process with PC Health Advisor, it now takes two minutes, not great but a noticeable difference. It also removed an annoying pop up error message and my hard drive doesn’t sound like it’s going to have a heart attack anymore. So my conclusion is that PC Health Advisor works better than free tools. They have a free trial which is great if you like to try it yourself.

It’s always good if you can try a software and get familiar with it before you decide if it’s worth to buy or not. A trial version usually don’t unlock all features but it gives you enough access so you can try and review it. A free tool best advantage is that its’s free, but don’t fill up your computer with useless softwares, that makes no difference.

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