Driver Agent

Driver Agent Review

Driver Agent is a driver updating software that can find hardware and device drivers that your computer needs to be able to run applications without any problems. As a member you can also login and browse Driver Agents driver database and download drivers without using the software. If your computer is having problems finding a […]

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Driver Genius

Driver Genius Review

Driver Genius is an all-in-one driver tool. If your computer is slow or having problems with frozen screens and other random errors, you could have outdated or incorrect drivers on your computer. To update and fix device drivers are usually not very complicated, but to keep track of every device driver in your computer is […]

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Woman Update Drivers

How To Manually Update Drivers

Updating and fixing driver problems or update old drivers manually is pretty easy. If you know exactly which drivers you need to update, all you need to do is probably going to the manufacturer’s website and download the the driver updates from there. Every manufacturer that wants to take good care about their customers should […]

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Starting Windows

How To Fix PC Startup Problems

A slow startup speed is very frustrating and to wait forever before you can use your computer is not very funny that either. But to clean a computer is not very complicated and you don’t need to be a computer technician to fix common computer problems. A computer with a slow startup speed is not […]

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Get Printer Drivers

How To Get Printer Drivers For Windows 7

There are many different manufacturer’s that creates printers and scanners. And to find out exactly which model and what software and drivers to use is not always easy. New printer models are constantly developed and if you have an older model, there are chances that the manufacturer doesn’t support your model anymore, a manufacturer don’t […]

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Windows Recovery Disk

How To Create A Recovery Disk

Many computer users never back up their files or create a recovery disk. You can believe in your own luck but if you’re not lucky you will get a lot of problems, and it’s not very fun to lose personal pictures, videos and documents. And it’s also unnecessary to lose it, because you can prevent […]

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Increase PC Speed

How To Increase Computer Speed

The computer speed is important for almost every computer user. It’s very annoying to wait for the computer to start up and having to wait for programs and files to load is also frustrating. There could be many reasons why a computer is slow, but usually there’s no problem to fix small speed problems. The […]

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PC Health Advisor

Best PC Cleaning Software

I have been doing a lot of research lately to find a good software that can clean up my old laptop. There’s really nothing wrong with the laptop, it just a bit slow and I didn’t want to upgrade the hardware to make it faster. All I wanted was to clean up junk files and […]

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Video Card

How To Update Video Drivers

Graphic drivers are important for your monitor to work properly. Playing Games, watching videos and editing pictures require a good graphic card and also a good monitor. With hardware that doesn’t have enough memory and power, you will get an erratic and slow computer experience. But sometimes a brand new video card got problems, and […]

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Driver Navigator

Driver Navigator Review

PC drivers usually don’t give computer users problems. But if you for some reason got problems, such as a program won’t run, a program randomly crashes or just an overall decrease in your computer’s performance, then you might have problems with corrupted drivers or incompatible drivers. Fixing this problem is not hard if you have […]

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