Driver Agent Review

Driver AgentDriver Agent is a driver updating software that can find hardware and device drivers that your computer needs to be able to run applications without any problems. As a member you can also login and browse Driver Agents driver database and download drivers without using the software. If your computer is having problems finding a network card, can’t play audio or your video player is crashing frequently, it’s most likely a driver issue and the only way to fix it is to update the drivers. You can usually find new drivers and program updates at the manufacturer’s website but if you don’t know the exact device number or version, Driver Agent can help you out.

Is Driver Agent Needed or Just a Rip Off?

Experts that have all the time in the world might not need a driver updating software. You can search online, read forum threads, tech blogs, contact manufacturer’s etc. But if you have 5 – 10 or more devices running such as printers, scanner audio, video, networks and graphic cards and so on, it will take time to keep them in shape. Driver Agent is a time saver and will keep your computer applications running with the latest updates. Most people never think about PC drivers and don’t know why their computer is not working properly, using software’s like Driver Agent is a big help for both experienced and inexperienced computer users.

If you can find all the needed drivers at the manufacturer’s websites, you should of course download all the drivers there. But if you find it hard to know exactly what you are looking for, don’t want to get frustrated searching for drivers or don’t want to take chances filling your computer with useless drivers, it’s not a bad decision letting a software do all the work for you.

Is It Safe To Use Driver Agent?

To update device drivers is not rocket science and a driver updating software does not run any complicated processes. is the company behind Driver Agent and they have been in business for over 20 years. It’s very unlikely that a company that producing bad and not working software’s will stay in business that long. Driver Agent was first released 2006 and is now used by over 15 million users and it’s updated on a regular basis to work with the latest Windows updates. As long as you use a legit copy and not any cracked versions, it’s totally safe to use Driver Agent.

What Can Driver Agent Do?

When you start DriverAgent or logging in to the member area, it will identify your hardware device information automatically and tell you if there are any new drivers available for your hardware devices. Driver Agent will show you a list of all your computer’s drivers and if a driver is out-of-date, just click on it and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the new driver to your desktop for you to install. Using Driver Agents search function is a very fast way to find the right driver without having to know any version number or any other device information.

Driver Agent is easy to use and works well for both users who are not used to update drivers and for very skilled users who want to find a convenient way to keep their computer in good shape. Tearing your computer apart just to find a hardware version number is very frustrating and to find the right driver online takes time. With Driver Agent you will find the right driver almost immediately without any disassemble tasks or having to crawl under the desk banging your head or hurting your back. You can download Driver Agent for free here!

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