How To Fix PC Startup Problems

A slow startup speed is very frustrating and to wait forever before you can use your computer is not very funny that either. But to clean a computer is not very complicated and you don’t need to be a computer technician to fix common computer problems. A computer with a slow startup speed is not an uncommon problem and usually it can be fixed without any difficulties or any third party software involvements. Windows got its own built-in tools and you can also do a lot of things manually without having to pay for a computer service or a software.

Starting Windows

How To Fix Startup Speed In Windows 7!

The most common problem that occurs when you start Windows is that too many other processes starts at the same time. So if you have many programs that loads when Window starts, it will take a longer time to start, unless you have a very powerful CPU and memory. The fastest way to manually fix the startup problems is to go to msconfig. Go to Start and typing in “msconfig” in the search box. The System Configuration window will appear, click on the Startup tab and then uncheck all the programs you want to stop from starting. Click on the apply button and close the window. Restart Windows to see if the changes have been effective.

Another good idea is to only use a standard Windows 7 theme, if you use the Aero theme, disable it. Right click on the desktop and click on the “Personalize” tab. Choose a theme in the Basic and High Contrast Themes menu. To speed up things even more, open the Control Panel and click on “Programs” and then on “Turn Windows features on or off” link. Uncheck all features you don’t want to use and press the Ok button, you must restart Windows so the changes can take effect.

How To Generally Speed Up A Computer!

Fixing the startup speed will improve the computer speed, but if you want to improve the overall computer performance, you need to fix other things too. If your hard disk is filled with unnecessary files and unneeded programs, it’s a good idea to remove them. You can use Windows Disk Cleanup tool to remove temporary files and other unwanted files. You can find the Disk Cleanup tool at Start – Accessories – System Tools. Make sure you defrag your hard disk on a regular basis to improve program loading and saving speed.

If you don’t want to manually change system settings, you can use a computer speed up tool. A lot of things can happen to a computer, and the startup speed will decrease if your computer system is unhealthy. Fixing the registry and PC driver problems is important if you want your computer to perform at its top level. But doing it manually can cause even more problems if you’re not experienced, so to use a tool is not a bad idea. You can start with a free tool such as ccleaner but to fix more advanced things, a premium tool is something to consider.

A computer needs maintenance on a regular basis, and if you remove unneeded files, unneeded processes, repair system errors and have a strong computer protection, your computer will not give you and frustrating feelings or test your patience.

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