How To Improve PC Performance

A computer that is performing slow and erratic is a very irritating problem, but there’s always solutions to computer problems. To give your computer more speed or restore it, is not easy for an average computer users who don’t know how to fix common computer problems. But don’t run to a computer repair store before you have done everything you can to fix your problems. Computer technician is often expensive and you can do a lot manually fixing problems or using a software to solve more difficult problems.

Improve PC Performance

How To Speed Up My Computer?

You can start to uninstall unneeded applications such as old programs, programs you never use and games you don’t play anymore. A hard disk full of unnecessary files just uses storage space and makes things slower. When you uninstall programs in Windows, make sure that files and folders are totally deleted. If you want to make sure that a program is totally uninstalled, then it’s a good idea to use a third party Uninstaller, because Windows sometimes tend to miss deleting some files, folders and drivers. Don’t delete a program that is required for other programs to work.

Stop Unnecessary Applications!

Another thing you can do to improve your PC performance, is to stop unnecessary applications from running in the background. Right click on your taskbar and then click: Start Task Manager. Click on the processes tab and then end all processes that you can. To stop unneeded applications from running, could improve your computer start up speed and overall improve the computer performance. If you don’t know which applications that you can end, then it’s better to use a software that can scan and detect unneeded applications.

Defragment Your Hard Disks!

To defragment your hard disks is also important if you want to improve your computer speed. When you defragment a hard disk, it will put file parts closer to each other, so when you run a program, open a picture or other files, it will load faster because your computer can find all file parts faster. To defragment a hard disk can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to many hours. You should defragment your hard disks at least every other week, and if you can, set it on an automatic schedule.

Update Your Security Programs!

Make sure you that you have installed a proper antivirus program and a Spyware and Malware remover. Spyware, Viruses and other malicious softwares and scripts can also make your computer very slow. It’s very important that you put on the automatic update option in your antivirus program menu, because new viruses and Malware is constantly developing. It’s a good idea to use an antivirus program that can scan and detect downloads in real-time, so if you try to download a suspicious file, you will be warned.

Use A Speed Up Software!

If you don’t want to manually speed up your computer, then you can use a speed up software like Speedy PC pro. It can repair and remove registry entries, stop unneeded processes, optimize your computer memory, remove temporary files, remove Malware and much more. Removing temporary and privacy files and cleaning up ActiveX and registry errors is not easy doing manually. So if you want to improve your computer speed for real, without having to mess with system settings, then try Speedy PC pro and make it do the hard work for you.

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  1. Peter November 19, 2013 at 2:14 am #

    Using software to do regular cleanup and tuneup is a good option. It can be a time saving.

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