How To Increase Computer Speed

The computer speed is important for almost every computer user. It’s very annoying to wait for the computer to start up and having to wait for programs and files to load is also frustrating. There could be many reasons why a computer is slow, but usually there’s no problem to fix small speed problems. The most common problem when your computer takes forever to start up is that too many programs start the same time as your computer starts. It can be both easy and a bit difficult to fix the startup speed.

Increase PC Speed

How To Stop Programs From Starting Automatically On Booting!

To stop programs from automatically start when you start Windows can be done in different ways. Sometimes you simply go to the program itself and change the settings in the program options, other times you have to go to the system configuration utility or even to the registry to stop processes from starting. You can enter the system configuration utility by typing “msconfig” in the Start menu search box. Click on the Startup tab and uncheck the programs you don’t want to start with Windows, then restart your computer.

To stop processes in the system registry, you type “regedit” in the search box and then navigate to the: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Run folder. Remove the desired items by selecting them and press the delete button. Close all programs and restart your computer. If you don’t want to mess with configuration settings and the registry manually, you can use a registry cleaner or other computer speedup tools. If you don’t know which program processes you need to stop, then to use software tool is a good idea.

How To Remove Unnecessary Files!

Programs you never use and unneeded files will just waste storage space and slow down your computer. Delete these unnecessary files and release space and resources, so that other programs and files can work faster. Temporary files and other junk files that are harder to find can also slow down your computer. Use Windows Disk cleanup tool which you can find in the System tools folder and clean up your computer. You can also use a third party disk cleanup software such as ccleaner or wise cleaner to remove junk files and other unnecessary files.

A good thing to do on a regular basis is to defrag your hard disks. Use Windows Disk Defragmenter to analyze and defrag your disks. It will help your computer to faster locate file parts, which in return will speed up the time it takes to load and save files. It’s very easy to do this and it could help you to get a better working computer. If you decide to use a speedup tool, it often got it’s own defragmenter which you can use as an additional tool.

An old computer will never be as fast as a new computer but if you are disappointed about your computer speed after you have cleaned your disks and fixed startup settings, a hardware upgrade is not a bad idea. You can add more RAM or a faster hard disk but make sure you have done everything you can to speed up your computer before you spend any money a new computer parts. If you can fix your computer manually or with a tool is of course the best and cheapest way to fix these problems.

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