How To Remove Trojans

Everybody knows the mythological story behind the Trojan Horse. A computer Trojan will appear as a familiar looking software or file, and often the victims will think that the Trojan is a useful software. Usually a Trojan will trick it’s victim into thinking that the software is coming from a legitimate source. When the Trojan is activated it can do everything from serious damage such as deleting files and information to just showing annoying pop ups and icons on your screen. Trojans can also create backdoors that are given information to hackers and thieves, but Trojans don’t replicate itself, so once you have located and destroyed the Trojan, other files is still safe.

Trojan Horse

How To Get Rid Of Trojans?

The first thing you should do, is to launch your antivirus program, and scan your computer. If your antivirus program can’t detect the Trojan, it’s important that you try another antivirus program or run an additional Spyware or Malware Remover. Some programs might not know the Trojan version and can’t find and remove it, so having more tools in your security toolbox is a very good idea. There’s no shortcuts to removing Trojans once it has infected your computer system, so don’t wait because it won’t disappear on its own.

A good thing to do if you have problems detecting the Trojan is to shut down infected processes. Just right click on the taskbar and start the task manager. Click on the processes tab and end the processes that’s associated with the Trojan. Then you can start looking for additional security software online.

Update Your Computer System!

It’s very important that your operating system is updated with the latest functions. If you use Windows, you should always keep the automatic updates on. Makes sure that your antivirus program and other computer protection programs is updated, if you can’t set the updates on an automatic sequence, then you must frequently update your programs manually. Before you invest in a new antivirus program, check that it can detect emails and other files when you download them from the internet, it tells you right away if a file is infected.

Use A Third Party Firewall.

Windows got a built-in firewall but it’s a good idea to also have a third party firewall. A firewall can be a software or a hardware, but for the average computer user a software firewall is enough. A hardware firewall will give you an almost unbreakable firewall, but it’s not totally bullet proof because it can miss embedded files and emails and treat it as normal network traffic. A firewall will not take care of everything, so you still have to use an antivirus program to detect and remove viruses and Trojans.

You can look for free Spyware removal tools, because you can test them before you invest in a paid tool, if you’re lucky, a free tool can help you destroy the Trojan. Another great solution is to get two programs in one, like the PC tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. There’s really no need to risk getting your computer damaged or your personal information stolen. Get full computer protection today!

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