How To Totally Uninstall A Program

Old programs and programs that you never use just sit on your computer and use storage space and resources. The best way is to totally uninstall those programs because there’s no reason to waste storage space or let them use resources that could make your computer slower. It seems easy to just use the uninstall option in the Windows start menu, and sometimes that’s all you need to do, but often software programs have left drivers and files behind. That could give your computer problems in the future because new programs may conflict with older drivers and settings.

How To Uninstall Programs In Windows!

If there’s no uninstall option in the program menu, you can use the uninstall option in Windows Control Panel. Scroll down the program list until you find your program and just click on the uninstall button. This should start the process and just follow the instructions until your program is removed. If the uninstall process is successful, you should not find any trace of the program in your computer. You can check the program folder and start menu to see if there’s any files left.

Sometimes Windows is not able to totally remove all files from your computer. Then you must locate the left files and drivers manually. This could be a problem if you’re not familiar with deleting files on your own. There are third party programs available that could help you delete software programs, and a lot of times these programs does a better job totally removing files than Windows. Windows got a lot of useful built-in tools, but Windows can’t handle every kind of task and when that happens you need a free third party program.

Free Uninstaller programs!

Revo UninstallerRevo Uninstaller is a freeware program, but if you like to test the pro version, you get a free 30 day trial. Revo helps you to totally remove unwanted software programs. Revo remove programs completely and that means that you don’t have to mess with it yourself. Revo is a faster Uninstaller than Windows built-in Uninstaller and it got more features too. After the regular uninstall process is finished, Revo search for additional files such as leftover folders and registry keys.

Zsoft UninstallerZSoft Uninstaller is a totally free program, and it’s an advanced Add/Remove tool. It does a more in depth job than the Windows Uninstaller and can locate and remove files and folder from previous uninstall processes. You can use Zsoft to clean up past mistakes and for future tasks. Zsoft finds and delete temporary files, empty folders, registry entries from programs that’s no longer installed and much more. If you having issues with the Windows Uninstaller, than Zsoft is a great replacement tool.

Make sure that you totally remove unwanted programs from your computer because it can lead to future problems if you don’t. It’s very easy to download and install a third party program that can help you clean up your system. There’s no need to let old programs slow down your computer. Hopefully you can start fixing uninstall problems today.

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