What Does A Computer Driver Do?

A PC driver is a software that takes care of the communication between a hardware device and the computer system. Without the right drivers, it’s impossible for your computer to recognize the hardware and it will not work properly. Windows got usually drivers ready for a lot of devices but if it can’t find the right drivers for your product, you should check if there’s a disc available for the product with the right software and drivers. If not, you could search online for the manufacturer’s website and try to download the right drivers.

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Where To Find The Right Drivers?

Usually when you buy a network card, a sound card or other hardware, the drivers come along on a disc. If the software and drivers on the disc is of old versions, the manufacturer should provide new updates on their website. If you buy a product from a known manufacturer, you will be able to find the right software and drivers. They will usually list instruction guide, software and driver download links for visitors to find easily. They don’t want to spend all day answering support tickets, so they update their website on a regular basis.

If you for some reason got a product from an unknown manufacturer and you can’t find the right drivers online, you need to find the manufacturer’s ID. You can find it in Windows by going to the device manager:

Open the Control Panel – Hardware And Sound – Device Manager (In the right menu). The device should be easy to locate because it will appear as Unknown device. Right click on the Unknown device and click on Properties, then click on the Details tab and select Device Instance Path from the drop down box. The code should look similar to this:


Vendor ID = xxxx
Device ID = yyyy

Go to pcidatabase.com and search for the manufacturer using the Vendor ID or for the device using the Device ID. This is how you can find the right manufacturer for your device and hopefully it can solve your driver issues. It’s not a guarantee that you will be able to find the right drivers using this method, and if you can’t, you might have to install a driver update software from a developer with a big driver database. There are free driver databases available online, but the best and fastest way to find the right drivers is to use a premium driver tool.

Driver Finder Tools!

Driver Navigator is a great tool if you want to make sure that all your programs and devices got the right and most recent updates installed. Driver Navigator is designed to solve many different driver problems such as finding missing and unknown device drivers and to repair corrupted and incompatible drivers. If you want to get access to new software features, but don’t have the time to update all your drivers manually, then a driver tool like Driver Navigator is a good choice. Copy and paste this code to save 50% on Driver Navigator: EASE-BYYA, and click here!

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