Why Does A Computer Crash?

When a computer crash, many things can happen but hopefully you can fix the problem before more severe things happen to your computer. A crash can ruin your hard disk and damage your motherboard and other hardware inside your computer. So if you experience random computer crashes, your screen freezes and your computer reboots itself without your consent, it’s very important that you immediately search for solutions to your computer problem. Waiting can increase the number of problems so act now.

Computer Crash

Tips To Fix A Computer Crash!

Check for a program conflict. Sometimes when you install a new program, it can overwrite old program files and stop the old program from working properly. If you have installed a new program and your computer crashes immediately when you run it, you should remove the program and search for program updates or new drivers. If that doesn’t fix your problem, you should contact the program manufacturer or developer and tell them your specific problem and they will find a solution or give you a refund.

If you have bought a new sound card, inserted an extra hard disk or put in another new hardware in your computer and your computer starts to behave in a bad way, you should first check if there’s something wrong with the software program. Sometimes you just need to go to the manufacturer’s website and download and install new updated drivers. If you still have problems, you should remove that hardware and check if the problem is solved. It that’s the case, you should contact the hardware manufacturer and ask for a new device.

Check For A Computer Virus!

A computer virus can cause many problems and that includes computer crashes. Make sure that your antivirus protection has been updated with the latest version. You might also have to run a Spyware remover or a similar program to check for malware that your antivirus program might have missed. There are many threat’s online and sometimes an anti virus program is not enough. The best way to protect your computer against viruses and other intruders is to scan your computer on a regular basis with both a Spyware removal program and an antivirus program.

Check For Registry Errors!

The Windows registry is a database that stores the operating system settings and information. If a registry entry gets an error and send out wrong information to a program, you could get a system freeze or a system crash. The best way to solve registry errors is to run a registry cleaner because trying to fix registry errors manually can cause even more problems. If the registry gets damaged, Windows will stop working and you have to reinstall the entire operating system to restore the registry.

Check For Overheating!

Make sure that your CPU fan and power supply fan is working properly. If not, you need to replace the bad fan with a new. Cooling is very important and if your computer get’s too hot, it will turn off immediately to prevent damage. If you have a lot of dust inside your computer, clean it with an anti-static cloth and not with a vacuum or a dust rag. Hopefully these tips will solve your computer crash problems.

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